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There's fine lager available too. This is the tradition throughout much of the rest of the world. It's only relatively recently that it's been popular in this country, most of it a pale imitation of the real thing. When I started my beer adventures in 1975 or so, only girls drank lager, usually in halves, usually Skol or Carling, and usually with the addition of lime cordial, which just about gave it some taste ----

Very strong marketing has once again worked wonders (no reference to Double Diamond intended) With Carling, Fosters, "Bud" Heineken, Miller and the rest vying for the Very cold low taste market.

Nip across the channel and it's a different story, with the aforementioned very fine lager, with tradition and taste. And of course, just a few miles further to India for Kingfisher, Most Thrilling Chilled, delightful.


Occasional Lager Days

Holsten Pils
East Berlin 1989
Colva, Goa


So what's all this Reinheitsgebot about then? Have a look at the wikipedia aricle for detailed info, but in summary, it's what was once a "purity law" allowing only certain ingredients to be present in beer sold in Germany. Origianally only three ingredients - water barley and hops. You'll note that yeast is not mentioned, because when the law originated in 1516 it was not known that yeast played a part in brewing. See (a translation of) the original Reinheitsgebot text

A day or two in Denmark - Calsberg Copenhagen


Carlsberg Brewery 1976

A range of quality beers, and a very jolly brewery tour. Even if the guide couldn't understand why the English drink "Overbrewed warm dishwater called bitter -----"
Carlsberg tasting 1976 and 1983
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